Entrepreneur & Certified Professional Make Up Artist

As a little girl  Jankail dreamed of living a life of contrast and though she didn't know what she wanted to be, she knew she was born to a life outside the box. Following her heart, she uplifts and educates women through her gift of makeup artistry.  Celebrating the beauty of diversity in all people, Jankail believes being whole and healed is the greatest gift we offer this world. Every Monday night, her social media series entitled, #MakeupMonday and #MakeMeUp, aims to help women reach their greatest potential. 

Effectively guiding her audience to form soul connections between makeup and life, Jankail manifests makeup artistry to see and reveal our authentic selves.  If you follow her long enough, you are sure to discover your, “why.”

There's nothing that I experience that God doesn't have a part in.

Jankail Sherri